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Knowledgeable partners. Tested professionals.

With a national network of experts to meet any need.

Everything we do challenges the status quo of the financial industry, and we believe in changing the advisor-client experience for better client outcomes.

We are an adaptive, research-driven, product impartial, fee flexible organization, attentive and intuitive in practice, with a culture committed to listening, learning, helping you define your mission, honoring your refined vision and plan, and applying the most relevant and current knowledge to the practice of servicing you, always with your best interests in mind.

This firm was created to elevate everyone we reach.  In confidence, in clarity, in education, in wealth, with respect to family life, professional achievements, personal pursuits, organizational success, and in purposeful service to community.  

Helping others thrive is built into the ethos of this practice.  It seems like an ambitious statement.  One that might seem like a typical marketing pitch in this new era of the “empathetic” company.  Look closely though at the core of this firm and you’ll see is that it is committed to a process of discovery, dialogue, and guidance.

As the “old” Wall Street systems and processes give way to innovation, new technology, and access, I realized that what was accessible only to the ultra-wealthy 15 years ago is now available to more people, and at lower cost to the client.  Bringing these insights, innovations, and access to the public became a top personal priority.

I hope we can help you refine your vision, define your mission, set your goals, and achieve what you want to do in life.

All The Best,

Greg Saurenman, Founder and Managing Director.

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Greg Saurenman

Founder | Managing Director


Over a 20-year financial career I’ve worked in business development and advisory roles with companies such as JPMorgan, Janus Capital, Prudential Global Investment Management, Calamos Investments, and most recently ISC Group, a Dallas-based advisory firm managing $2.5 billion in assets for institutions and individuals.  I’ve worked with and represented hedge funds, mutual funds, and private investments.  I’ve raised money for two Forbes billionaires, including T. Boone Pickens (BP Capital) and John Calamos (Calamos Investments), managed $200 million per annum business territories, and raised over $1 billion in total investment assets.  I’ve been a private investor in an early-stage tech company that was acquired in 2016.  And I’ve spent time in the non-profit sector in project management, and serving as an officer on boards.  All of these experiences, and others, have informed the development of this firm.

As a father, I understand the challenges and complexities involved in family finances and planning.  With several years spent in the nonprofit sector, in project management, grant writing, and public education, I understand the challenges that organizations face, particularly when it comes to managing finances, and fundraising.  And with experience as an early-stage investor and advisor, an ardent supporter of protecting our small businesses, and being a small business founder myself, I understand firsthand the issues that small business owners face and how to work through them.

“Your level of success will seldom exceed your personal development.  Because success is something you attract by the person you become.”  - Jim Rohn

Paul C. Brown  Photo
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Paul C. Brown

Director of Operations | Partner


Every good financial firm needs a talented operations director.

The innovative nature of our firm is built on using the latest and best financial technology and algorithms to run quantitative aspects of our business. It brings efficiency, effectiveness, and margins that allow for fee compression, which is passed along to our clients in the form of lower comparative fees. 

Designing and running procedures and processes to make this type of business successful requires skill sets beyond traditional financial operation-oriented roles.

Fortunately for Mission Advisory Group, we have a committed partner in Paul Brown.  

A senior mechanical engineer and independent engineering consultant with 14 years of professional experience, Paul brings unique expertise and deep analytical skills to our organization.

Paul is highly skilled in advanced pattern recognition, similarity-based modeling, proceduralization, operational efficiencies, a working knowledge and application of Python code, and fortunately has an intense interest in investing, economics, and geopolitics. All of which makes him a natural fit to be part of our growth.

He has worked with companies such as Vistra, and Toshiba Energy Solutions, (among others). As a former director of strategic technology, he helped advise on areas of technology, company growth and revenue, and helped test and recommend the adoption of new technologies within the industry. He has provided monitoring & diagnostic support for fossil and nuclear power generation fleets, and has most recently been working on wind turbine reliability, conducting vibration analysis, monitoring, and diagnostics.

Paul is a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.