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Option 3: Investment-Only Service

For investment management only.

Clients who want to invest with us through an investment-only / asset management service agreement, and do not opt for any financial planning services and resources, can use our discounted AUM fee model. The minimum account size for investment-only service is $10,000.

We encourage prospective clients to compare fees across the industry and make an informed decision. Mission Advisory Group does not take custody of your assets, and does not accept commissions.

Percentage of AUM Fee for Investment-Only Service

Account Value

Annual Advisory Fee

$10,000 - $400,000


$400,001 - $750,000


$750,001 - $1,500,000


$1,500,000 - $2,000,000




The annual fees are paid in arrears on a quarterly basis. Fees are negotiable on a per client basis. The minimum annual fee for assets under a percentage of AUM (Investment Only) fee structure is $50, with a minimum account size of $10,000 assets under our management.  However, in order to receive financial planning services, an account under the AUM Fee Model would need a minimum of $88,500, as it would qualify for the equivalent Explorer Level of services (priced at $708/annual).

The advisory fee is a blended fee and is calculated by assessing the percentage rates using the predefined levels of assets as shown in the above chart, resulting in a combined weighted fee. For example, an account valued at $1,000,000 under investment-only services would pay an effective fee of 0.415% with the annual fee of $4,150. The quarterly fee is determined by the following calculation: (($400,000 x 0.50%) + ($350,000 x 0.40%) + ($250,000 x 0.30%)) ÷ 4 = $1037.50. No increase in the annual fee shall be effective without prior client consent.

Advisory fees are directly debited from Client accounts held at an unaffiliated third-party custodian or the Client may choose to pay by check. Accounts initiated during a calendar quarter will be charged a prorated fee based on the amount of time remaining in the billing period. A Client Contract may be terminated with written notice at least 30 calendar days in advance. Since fees are paid in arrears, no refund will be needed upon termination of the account.

Investment-only service

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