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Our Client Onboarding Process

We have a 30-60 day process as a goal for onboarding for a full financial planning and investment management client. When you're open to options and presented with solutions, momentum is in your favor.  It's important to evaluate and compare your options and take action. That is why we developed target maximum 15-day intervals between calls/meetings/steps in the process.  If you are simply looking for investment management, we can usually onboard you right away. The signing process and account transfer process are digital.

Step 1: Get To Know You

Step 2: Discovery

Step 3: Onboarding and Organizing 

Step 4: Plan Delivery, Review, Implementation 

Step 5: Ongoing Support

Step 1: Our process starts with an initial Get To Know call / meeting.  This is a no-pressure communication for getting to know your interests, and for you to get to know our firm's ethos, process, fees, etc.  

Step 2: If we find mutual interest in exploring further, we'll move to a more detailed Discovery call / meeting, where we can ask questions and listen to your specific and unique situation.  It's generally during this meeting that a decision is made to move forward, or to explore other options. This is also an opportunity to discuss our process of values and vision discovery, in order to create more accurate and lasting goals. A SWOT analysis is generated between Steps 2 and 3.

Step 3: The next step is Onboarding and Organizing.  This is the time to gather financial details and docs, sign and upload digital docs, begin digital transfer processes if needed, and begin the plan process.

Step 4: After we have completed the Onboarding and Organizing step, uploaded all data, analyzed your financial situation and needs, and put a plan into place, we'll schedule another call /meeting to cover Plan Delivery.  It should be noted that if you already have a basic financial plan, we can use this time to review it and make adjustments if necessary.  There are quick options in this new era of fintech for producing a basic financial plan digitally. If this is a process you've already been through, we'll help you look at the details of the plan and do some fine tuning.

Step 5: After this, we'll implement your plan and start the process of Ongoing Support, which will entail regular communication at set intervals based on your client agreement and complexity of needs.  Congratulations on becoming a client and beginning your new journey to completing your mission!We welcome you to learn more about us on our other pages, then click "Connect" in the upper right, or click the link below, and start a conversation.

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